Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Senate Democrats plan jobs talk, Thursday session despite storm

Awww, doesn't it make you feel all warm and fuzzy that these guys are willing to brave the storm to save jobs... You hafta wonder if they all got on a conference call:

Pelosi to Reid: "Hmm, how are we going to make ourselves look good after we've wasted a whole year on this stupid health care bill that's ruining our chances of re-election?"

Reid: "And how the heck are we going to cram the cap and tax, uh, I mean Cap & Trade, bill through when we're having out of control cold weather? I mean, you and I know the climate change crap is bunk, but the smelly masses are starting to wake up, too."

The Rahm: You guys are idiots. It's the perfect storm out there. Show 'em how tough you are, brave the storm and go act like you're working on fixing the jobs problem.

Reid: What? We're not really trying to fix the job problem?

Pelosi: Are you sure it's safe to fly?

Frank: Wimps.

Rangel: I'm in. I'm going through spending withdrawals.

Pelosi: OK, OK. I was craving a White Russian and I'm out of vodka at the house, may as well take care of two cravings at the same time... Thursday work for everyone?

Reid: Uh, OK. But if we're not really trying to create some jobs what are we really doing guys?

The Rahm: Who elected this doof anyway?

Frank: Did someone say spend money????

A day without politicians in Washington is a day without out-of-control spending and ridiculous efforts to try and make themselves look good to the American voter (impossible, but it's fun to watch). Sadly, these guys are pushing the limits to try and look like they really care... which means on Thursday they'll be back to doing what they like to do best, spending our money. Do you think we should consider starting up a "Politicians Anonymous" for these out-of-control, spending addicted fools? Or maybe Political Power Anonymous? Whatcha want to bet that the next thing we see are won't-work bills with high-dollar price tags from this bunch???

Senate Democrats plan jobs talk, Thursday session despite storm
By J. Taylor Rushing
Senate Democratic leaders on Wednesday were planning to plow ahead with a session on Thursday despite a blizzard blanketing the Washington area. Read more:

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